Pricing For Our Computer Support Services 

On-Site Support Services

We divide our support services into two categories. Pricing will depend on the Level of support, as well as the time of service.

Regular Hours (8am-6pm)
Monday – Friday
After Hours (6pm-8am)
Saturday and Sunday

Call us at 727-230-8000! 

Technical Support Services
• Printing Issues
• Fax Issues
• Basic Email Issues
• Computer Equipment setup
• Memory Installation
• Virus and Spyware Removal
• Network Analysis, Service, and Repair
• Network Connectivity Problems 
• Desktop Optimization and Management
• Proactive Maintenance
• Data Backup
• ISP Issues
• Hardware and Software Installation and Support
• Operating System Upgrade or Repair
• FTP Services
• Server Maintenance
• User Account Administration
• Microsoft Exchange E-Mail

Call us at 727-230-8000! 

Remote Support

Remote support during business hours is $55.00 per hour. Calls less than half an hour are $35.00. Remote support after hours is always available and welcomed. The rate is $90.00 per hour. Sessions less than a half hour are $50.00. Whether it is desktop support, or a server that needs repair, one of our representatives is only a phone call away.

Call us at 727-230-8000! 

Project Services

Geeks in Sneaks will design, implement, and manage all your upcoming projects. Pricing varies depending on which type of service you need. Call us now and let us know what you need. Satisfaction is guaranteed!

• Network Design
• Network Installation – Wired and Wireless
• Network Security and Computer Security
• Network Management
• Cabling and drops
• Email Analysis, Installation and Configuration 
• FTP Configuration and Administration
• Web Design and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
• Web Hosting
• Dedicated Servers
• SQL Databases
• Data Protection and Backup Systems
• PC and Server Virus Protection
• Computer Upgrade
• VoIP Telephony Systems
• Managed Desktop and Server Solutions
• CTO Services

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CTO Services

Let Geeks in Sneeks act as your CTO. We will cover everything from purchases to analysis and planning. We have worked in several industries and have a thirst for knowledge. We specialize in Business Development and know what areas to spotlight in order for you to establish a more efficient workplace. Teach us what you do, and we will find at least one way for you to save money and one way for you to make more money. If you dont do business online, we can provide you with a feasibility analysis for market entry. If you do business online, we can push more traffic to your site and increase your sales. At Geeks in Sneaks, we provide you with alternatives, as well as recommendations, so you arent stuck with one choice. We will assess your current situation including primary competition, current marketing and advertising programs that work with your marketing budget. Reduce your personnel costs by using us as your Computer Services Department.

CTO Services- Call now for your price!

Call us at 727-230-8000!